About Rocky

Hello, my name is Ralph Creighton (though I go by Rocky).

I started playing Magic the Gathering when Ravnica came out. My first deck was the G/W Selesnya Pre-Con. I was a casual player for many years and only recently have I started playing competitively. The first time I ever seriously played in a tournament was in 2009. I entered with the R/W Boros Bushwacker deck. At the time I had no idea how to read the meta, how to sideboard, or even how the stack and triggered abilities worked. But I managed a 2nd place finish at FNM and haven’t looked back since.

The first big tournament I played in was States 2010. I managed a 5-4 finish playing a homebrew U/W Control list playing such hits as Contagion Engine and Venser the Sojourner (though three of my wins did come from the U/W mirror match). My big success was when I was played at Regionals to gain an invite for the 2011 National Championships. I was, again, playing a Boros deck. I was able to draw into the top 8 to receive an invite to Nationals. If you didn’t realize, Boros decks are my favorite.

I didn’t have much success at Nationals. I was 5-4 when I dropped. I do maintain I was in over my head as I was knocked out of top eight contention by the 2011 player of the year, Owen Turtenwald. Owen went on to make top eight of that event.

More recently, I played to a 2nd place finish at Ohio’s 2011 state competition, piloting Solar Flare. I only lost two matches, one to Brian Fulop, who also top 8ed, and the other to eventual champion Greg Jagger.