How to Build Sultai Whip (Fate Reforged Standard)

February 10, 2015 | Posted by Dee

Sultai Whip
Creatures (24)
Spells (12)
Lands (24)
Sideboard (15)

72% win rate in 40 matches with this one (results).

It’s based off of Troy Bishop’s 17th place list from the first Standard Open of the Fate Reforged season. I made the following main deck changes.

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How to Build Abzan Aggro (Fate Reforged Standard)

February 9, 2015 | Posted by Dee

Abzan Aggro
Creatures (22)
Spells (13)
Lands (25)
Sideboard (15)

69% win rate over 42 matches with this deck (results).

And yesterday someone messaged me on reddit saying they won a 50 person PPTQ with a near exact copy of the deck.

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How I Became a Much Better Player with Deliberate Practice

February 8, 2015 | Posted by Dee

Tight technical play decides more games of Magic than all other factors combined.

- Patrick Chapin (Hall of Famer and “The Innovator”)

Applying Deliberate Practice to MTG

Many years ago, I used to play on Magic-League. It’s an online MTG league that kept ratings. You start out at 1600. My rating was around 1650 so I was basically a slightly above average player. For months, I played many games to try to increase my rating but I could not do it until I did one thing.

I started applying “deliberate practice” to my game. Instead of just playing games over and over and hoping to increase my rating, I became intentional about improving my playskill.

A lot has been written about deliberate practice. The book, Talent is Overrated, was instrumental for helping me understand the concept and applying it to MTG.

Here’s what my practice looked like.

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4 Reasons to Play Green with Red Devotion Instead of White

December 13, 2013 | Posted by Dee

Two weekends ago, R/w Devotion put two people in the top eight of Grand Prix Vienna. But last weekend, the deck was nowhere to be found in the top 16 of Grand Prix Dallas-Fort Worth. Instead, Carlos Reyes got third place with a Red Devotion deck that swapped out white in favor of green.

Third place was definitely a great result for Carlos considering it was only his second Grand Prix.

In this article, we’ll look at a couple reasons why green in Red Devotion is better than white. But first, take a look at Carlos’s decklist below.

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How to Beat the Metagame Like a Pro Tour Champion

December 12, 2013 | Posted by Dee

Two weeks ago, it was pretty clear which decks were the best in Standard. You just had Grand Prix Albuquerque. The top eight of the tournament had four Mono Black Devotion and three Mono Blue Devotion decks.

With this dominant showing, the message was loud and clear to the MTG community: Blue and Black Devotion are head and shoulders above the rest.

Stanislav Cifka saw this as an opportunity.

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Why Orzhov Charm Had a Strong Showing at Grand Prix DFW

December 10, 2013 | Posted by Dee

It was pretty cool to see Orzhov Charm do well at Grand Prix Dallas-Fort Worth. Last week, I advised someone on reddit to play the black/white spell in White Weenie Aggro because it’s good against devotion.

Five players showed up at the Grand Prix with Orzhov Charm and white aggro creatures. They had an outstanding showing. Pat Cox, one of the players, tweeted the top finishes of the group: a top four, two top 16s, and a top 64.

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3 Deck Building Lessons from B/W Midrange, Winner of Yesterday’s Grand Prix

December 9, 2013 | Posted by Dee

Marlon Gutierrez traveled from Mexico City and took down yesterday’s Standard Grand Prix in Dallas-Fort Worth with Black/White Midrange. The deck may look unfamiliar to you but it actually first showed up in high level play two weekends ago at Grand Prix Vienna. It was played by Andreas Ganz and he finished in the top 16.

Marlon’s main deck is exactly the same as Andreas’s. Marlon changed the sideboard slightly by adding 2 Dark Betrayal and 1 Pithing Needle and removing 2 Last Breath and 1 Wear // Tear.

Check out his decklist along with three deck building lessons you can learn from it.

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This Naya Aggro Deck is Doing Well on Magic Online

December 7, 2013 | Posted by Dee

One of the cool benefits of joining Twitter and following other Magic players is that you occasionally get solid decklists not found anywhere else.

Recently, Michael Jacob tweeted out a Naya Aggro deck that performed well for him online. He’s a pretty good player with a Pro Tour top four finish under his belt.

Check out his decklist below.

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Top 15 Mythic Rares in Theros Standard

December 5, 2013 | Posted by Dee

As the rarest of the rarity types, I thought it would be interesting to rank the mythic rares in Theros Standard. To help me with the ranking, I looked at the data from MTG Analytics.

If you’re an active Standard player, you probably won’t be too surprised at the list but it’s still pretty interesting to see which mythic rares have proven themselves after the rotation.

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How to Draft Synergistic Decks in Theros

October 31, 2013 | Posted by Will

When I first tried drafting, I didn’t feel like I knew what cards were good, not just because of my (admittedly weak) card evaluation skills, but also because I never had to look closely for card synergies before. Plus, it’s tough to evaluate cards when they are not in play or in a specific decklist where the themes are highlighted.

Card evaluation is a frustration of many new players as well as knowing which colors you should be in or whether you can splash. It’s easy to become intimidated with these things, but fear not! Wizards of the Coast has made things a lot easier.

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