The Best Method For Improving as an MTG Player

October 2, 2008 | Posted by Dee

From a recent interview with one of the best players to ever play Magic The Gathering:

BDM: Do you have any advice for the next generation, the people trying to succeed on the Pro Tour today? What do you think is the easiest, the best way to improve one’s game?

Oiso: I think the most effective way to become a better player is to always review a game that you have just finished. No matter whether you get mana screwed or mana flooded, no matter how good your opponent’s top deck was, every game has the potential to be won if you play perfectly. Once the game is finished, you can see what the perfect play would have been — maybe you should have bluffed an attack, or done what would normally be an unthinkable trade. From the order you play your lands, to declaring an attack with each single creature, if you are always thinking about what the best play would be, your game will improve. Even now, I always think to myself, “Kai Budde could have won” after each loss.

This is something I’ve been trying to do especially online. You can record your games online by using a program like CamStudio.

I usually find a couple suboptimal plays whenever I replay my games. Finding those plays helps me not to make them again.