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Jund Aggro Deck from a Jund Master

January 7, 2013

Last month, Willy Edel won the Modern Grand Prix in Toronto with an innovative Jund deck. This past weekend, Paul Morelli got top eight at the Starcitygames Legacy Open in Columbus with a Jund deck designed by Willy.

Because of these top finishes, I was intrigued when Willy built a Jund Aggro deck, this time for Standard. He definitely seemed to understand the black/red/green color combination pretty well.

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Fun Combo Deck with Burn at the Stake and Creature Tokens

December 21, 2012

I’m having a lot of fun playing Burn at the Stake Combo in Standard. I found the deck two weeks ago at the top eight of a Magic Online Premier Event.

As a combo deck, it’s very different from other Standard decks so you definitely have the surprise factor against most opponents.

The deck doesn’t attack to win like aggro or midrange decks. It doesn’t try to control the game and make the game go long like a control deck.

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One of the Best Aggro Players in the World is Playing This Deck

December 19, 2012

Pedro Carvalho is one of the best aggro players in the world. You may not have heard of him because he does most of his damage on Magic Online under the username _megafone_.

He’s so good that he plays three or four matches at the same time.

If you like aggro decks, it’s definitely a good idea to see what he’s playing because he has a ton of experience with the format.

Earlier this week, he went undefeated in a Daily Event and top eighted a Premier Event. His deck of choice was Rakdos Red.

Check out the decklist below.

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Green/Black Aggro with Predator Ooze by a Hall of Famer

December 18, 2012

I was playing on Magic Online a few days ago and I kept running into Green/Black (GB) Aggro decks with Predator Ooze.

I wondered what was up until I saw that this deck was the newest one from hall of famer, Brian Kibler.

Brian played it a couple days ago at the Starcitygames Invitational and he did a deck tech video.

Many players tried it out on Magic Online and it soon became part of the metagame. In just a few days, the deck already has three top eight finishes at high profile online tournaments.

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Naya Humans (Second Place at the Starcitygames Invitational)

December 17, 2012

Humans are back in a big way.

After posting high finishes a couple weeks ago, the deck in its green/white incarnation died down in high level competitive play as Red/Black (RB) Zombies took the throne as the best aggro deck.

However, the tribe just posted a second place finish at this past weekend’s Starcitygames Invitational at Los Angeles.

The key was adding red to the deck so you can play Huntmaster of the Fells and Zealous Conscripts.

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Did Chronic Flooding Just Win a Standard Grand Prix?

December 10, 2012

Grand Prix Nagoya happened this past weekend. It had 1,689 players. The winner lost one match in the whole tournament.

What did he play?

Aggro? Nope.

Midrange? Nope.

Control? Nope.

He played 4 Chronic Flooding.


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LSV, a Top Pro, Updated the Omniscience Door Deck

December 7, 2012

I love Twitter because Magic players use it to give real-time updates about their playtesting and deck building.

Yesterday, I wrote about a sweet Omniscience deck with Door to Nothingness.

Well, Luis Scott-Vargas (LSV), one of best wizards in the world, has been playing the deck because it’s so much fun.

He updated the deck based on his playtesting and he published his decklist on Twitter after going undefeated in a Standard Daily Event on Magic Online.

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How to Win with a Card That Costs 10 Mana

December 6, 2012

Travis Woo wrote about another sweet rogue deck on Channel Fireball. It was built by Derek Adams and it features the 10 mana spell, Omniscience.

Travis has been doing well with the deck in Standard 2-Player tournaments on Magic Online. In these tournaments, you pay two dollars (not including tax) to play one match against another player. Whoever wins gets a Return to Ravnica booster pack.

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Adapt Blue/White Flash to the Metagame by Adding Red

December 5, 2012

Blue/White (UW) Flash had a quick rise to the top but just as fast as it went up, it came crashing down as players packed Cavern of Souls in their decks.

Blue and white struggle against uncounterable aggro creatures so it was time for a change.

GerryT modified the deck by adding red and he got two straight high finishes as a result.

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Naya Midrange Wins a Starcitygames Standard Open

December 4, 2012

Wizards of the Coast is really understanding what it takes to create a fun, balanced Standard environment.

I’ve been playing Magic the Gathering for over ten years. Hands down, the current Standard season is the best one I’ve ever seen.

It’s by far the most diverse. Many different decks have done well, from super fast aggro to really slow control.

All kinds of cards are seeing play that you wouldn’t expect like Door to Nothingness and Pyreheart Wolf.

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