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How to Draft Synergistic Decks in Theros

October 31, 2013

When I first tried drafting, I didn’t feel like I knew what cards were good, not just because of my (admittedly weak) card evaluation skills, but also because I never had to look closely for card synergies before. Plus, it’s tough to evaluate cards when they are not in play or in a specific decklist where the themes are highlighted.

Card evaluation is a frustration of many new players as well as knowing which colors you should be in or whether you can splash. It’s easy to become intimidated with these things, but fear not! Wizards of the Coast has made things a lot easier.

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Is Theros Draft Battleship Magic?

October 11, 2013

Theros is not exactly “Battleship Magic,” at least not how I expected us to be playing with big bestow creatures and big flashy spells. Not that those things can’t happen, it’s just not every deck at the table, and many of the decks you do see are pretty, well, fast.

R/W has perfectly playable one drops and one and two cost auras that come in as early threats while they fill out the board horizontally. Cavalry Pegasus is a beating if you can’t answer it very quickly. The auras that make it hard to deal with are cheap and the white protection trick, Gods Willing, is plentiful.

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Why I Passed a Thoughtseize in Theros Draft

October 9, 2013

Dusty, the guy to my left, being a true gentleman, asked me politely if I knew what the $#@& I was doing. He offered me an opportunity to make a different first pick in our ‘casual’ Theros draft.

Alex had a birthday this week. Happy birthday, Alex! He wanted to draft, I always want to draft, and so cards night was drafting Theros night. We all care about playing, we’re playing to win, we care about the rules, and we want to be better players. In fact, this article is my commitment to playing better Magic, but that doesn’t always mean the same thing to all players.

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