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4 Reasons to Play Green with Red Devotion Instead of White

December 13, 2013

Two weekends ago, R/w Devotion put two people in the top eight of Grand Prix Vienna. But last weekend, the deck was nowhere to be found in the top 16 of Grand Prix Dallas-Fort Worth. Instead, Carlos Reyes got third place with a Red Devotion deck that swapped out white in favor of green.

Third place was definitely a great result for Carlos considering it was only his second Grand Prix.

In this article, we’ll look at a couple reasons why green in Red Devotion is better than white. But first, take a look at Carlos’s decklist below.

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How to Beat the Metagame Like a Pro Tour Champion

December 12, 2013

Two weeks ago, it was pretty clear which decks were the best in Standard. You just had Grand Prix Albuquerque. The top eight of the tournament had four Mono Black Devotion and three Mono Blue Devotion decks.

With this dominant showing, the message was loud and clear to the MTG community: Blue and Black Devotion are head and shoulders above the rest.

Stanislav Cifka saw this as an opportunity.

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Why Orzhov Charm Had a Strong Showing at Grand Prix DFW

December 10, 2013

It was pretty cool to see Orzhov Charm do well at Grand Prix Dallas-Fort Worth. Last week, I advised someone on reddit to play the black/white spell in White Weenie Aggro because it’s good against devotion.

Five players showed up at the Grand Prix with Orzhov Charm and white aggro creatures. They had an outstanding showing. Pat Cox, one of the players, tweeted the top finishes of the group: a top four, two top 16s, and a top 64.

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3 Deck Building Lessons from B/W Midrange, Winner of Yesterday’s Grand Prix

December 9, 2013

Marlon Gutierrez traveled from Mexico City and took down yesterday’s Standard Grand Prix in Dallas-Fort Worth with Black/White Midrange. The deck may look unfamiliar to you but it actually first showed up in high level play two weekends ago at Grand Prix Vienna. It was played by Andreas Ganz and he finished in the top 16.

Marlon’s main deck is exactly the same as Andreas’s. Marlon changed the sideboard slightly by adding 2 Dark Betrayal and 1 Pithing Needle and removing 2 Last Breath and 1 Wear // Tear.

Check out his decklist along with three deck building lessons you can learn from it.

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This Naya Aggro Deck is Doing Well on Magic Online

December 7, 2013

One of the cool benefits of joining Twitter and following other Magic players is that you occasionally get solid decklists not found anywhere else.

Recently, Michael Jacob tweeted out a Naya Aggro deck that performed well for him online. He’s a pretty good player with a Pro Tour top four finish under his belt.

Check out his decklist below.

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Top 15 Mythic Rares in Theros Standard

December 5, 2013

As the rarest of the rarity types, I thought it would be interesting to rank the mythic rares in Theros Standard. To help me with the ranking, I looked at the data from MTG Analytics.

If you’re an active Standard player, you probably won’t be too surprised at the list but it’s still pretty interesting to see which mythic rares have proven themselves after the rotation.

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Grixis Control Deck with 9 Planeswalkers

October 19, 2013

When I first saw Anger of the Gods during Theros spoiler season, I immediately thought that Grixis Control had a decent chance of being a strong deck. Board sweepers are very important for control decks.

Overall, Supreme Verdict is better but in certain metagames, Anger of the Gods is going to be superior. For example, the red mass removal spell exiles Voice of Resurgence and Chandra’s Phoenix. Also, it’s cheaper, which is an advantage over Supreme Verdict when you’re facing fast aggro decks.

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MTG Analytics Metagame Update: The Pro Tour Theros Edition

October 16, 2013

I added the two high-profile Standard tournaments from last weekend on MTG Analytics.

First, we’ve got Pro Tour Theros, which had a whopping six devotion decks including a G/r Nykthos Ramp list. But the breakout deck was definitely Mono Blue Devotion, which took the top three spots. It was pretty cool to see the deck do well because I built a similar deck and wrote about it three weeks ago.

The other tournament was the Starcitygames Standard Open in Milwaukee. The top 16 was really diverse with 12 different archetypes. R/G Midrange took the whole thing down.

MTG Analytics Metagame Update: Blue Has a Poor Showing

October 6, 2013

I just added the only high-profile Standard tournament for this weekend: Starcitygames Standard Open – Cleveland. After getting close to half of the top eight spots last weekend, blue had zero spots in the top eight of this weekend’s tournament.

The breakout deck was definitely Mono Green Devotion Aggro. It had a top 4 and top 16 finish. It looks pretty cool and it costs less than the average top Standard deck. Go to MTG Analytics to see more decks and deck prices.

The top 4 decks from the SCG Open were all green creature decks so I highly recommend my Thassa Devotion deck because it has 4 Tidebinder Mage main deck.

Esper Control Deck Tech Video (Top Eight Finish)

October 3, 2013

This past weekend was the very first one with Theros legal for Standard. There were two high-profile tournaments, SCG Worcester and TCGplayer 5K in Waco.

Esper Control had the best results with three top 16 finishes and four top 8 finishes.

Jared Boettcher’s build is interesting because he was the only one that played Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver in the main deck. He made the planeswalker a central part of his deck by playing three main deck copies.

Check out his deck tech video and decklist below. I also wrote a deck analysis.

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