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Green/White Aggro Deck Tech Video and Transcript

October 1, 2013

Here is a Green/White Aggro deck tech video by Anthony Lowry from the Starcitygames Standard Open this past weekend.

I like the 4 Boon Satyr as another creature along with Advent of the Wurm and Voice of Resurgence that’s good against Supreme Verdict.

Also, Ajani, Caller of the Pride seems like a great way to close out the game with a lot of damage by giving a high power creature flying and double strike.

Check out the video and decklist below. I also included a transcript of the video.

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Thassa Devotion Deck with Master of Waves and Bident of Thassa

September 23, 2013

When Thassa, God of the Sea and Master of Waves were spoiled at the beginning of this month, I felt like a blue devotion deck could be pretty good in Theros Standand. Thassa and Master looked like powerful cards and they compliment each other well.

I thought Tidebinder Mage would have a big impact in post-rotation Standard. With her casting cost, she is a good devotion enabler at the two drop spot.

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Gruul Midrange Deck for Theros Standard

September 21, 2013

Before the first card of Theros was spoiled, I prepared for post-rotation Standard by analyzing the card pool without Magic 2013 and Innistrad block. When you took out those cards, you were left with Return to Ravnica block and Magic 2014. These cards would make up 79% of the new Standard environment.

Of course, Theros has a big impact on new Standard, but you get a head start when you understand the rest of the card pool. 79% is a pretty big chunk of a metagame.

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12 Cards That Will Have a Major Impact on Post-Rotation Standard

August 20, 2013

Theros will be here before you know it so I started preparing for the Standard rotation. I did a lot of research on Return to Ravnica block and M14 (RTRb+M14). This card pool will make up 79% of the cards in post-rotation Standard. If you understand those cards well, you’ll have a great head start for deck building.

I picked the 12 cards based on their raw power level. Also, I looked to see if they have enough support cards in their colors to build a solid deck.

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