Green/White Aggro Deck Tech Video and Transcript

October 1, 2013 | Posted by Dee

Here is a Green/White Aggro deck tech video by Anthony Lowry from the Starcitygames Standard Open this past weekend.

I like the 4 Boon Satyr as another creature along with Advent of the Wurm and Voice of Resurgence that’s good against Supreme Verdict.

Also, Ajani, Caller of the Pride seems like a great way to close out the game with a lot of damage by giving a high power creature flying and double strike.

Check out the video and decklist below. I also included a transcript of the video.

G/W Aggro
Creatures (30)
Spells (7)
Lands (23)
Sideboard (15)

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Reuben: Hello and welcome to the Sideboard here at Starcitygames Worcester. My name is Reuben Bresler and I’m joined by Anthony Lowry, Starcitygames writer.

Anthony: Hello guys, how you doing?

Reuben: Founder of Team Chandra.

Anthony: Yes, general manager.

Reuben: Right, general manager but this week we’re taking a break from Chandra during the first week of Theros Standard, we’re taking a break from that and playing what I think is the enemy, the number one deck that everyone’s sort of been trying to work on, sort of tweaking. The deck that you have to beat week one which is Green/White Aggro.

Anthony: Yep.

Reuben: The deck that won Pro Tour Dragon’s Maze, picked up a lot of good new tools in the new set so we’re just going to break down what this deck can do.

We’re going to start with the one drops. So the one drops in Green/White Aggro a lot of people are playing things like Elvish Mystic. You’ve gone for a much more aggressive tack here with Dryad Militant and Experiment One rather than the ramp. You find the power on turn one is more important.

Anthony: Right. So, there are two ways that you can go with Green/White. As you say, you can go the Elvish Mystic plan to pump out turn three Smiters and turn three four-drops and whatnot. The other route is to be aggressive with Experiment One and Dryad Militant. I opted to go with the more aggressive route because I felt like the bigger problem with the bigger deck was reach so being able to dish out the first two to four possibly six points of damage early I felt was what the deck really needed other than like a turn two Loxodon Smiter and even if you do have your – even like a turn Advent of the Wurm, it’s not particularly great against those decks if you’re drawing Elvish Mystics afterward.

Reuben: Sure.

Anthony: Whereas even a Dryad Militant is the worst like it’s still two damage.

Reuben: It’s a fine top deck later in the game.

Anthony: Right, exactly and they can still get pumped by Selesnya Charm like every single point matters so you definitely want to try to get like those first few points in early.

Reuben: Now, the real reason to play this deck is the two drop slot.

Anthony: Yes.

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Reuben: We have Voice of Resurgence, everybody knows how great that card is. We have Scavenging Ooze, took over standard for the entire length of while it’s been in standard and it’s new friend, Fleecemane Lion, the new monstrous lion is brand new to standard. 3/3 for two, a strict upgrade to Watchwolf.

Talk to me about the two drops because there are also some other options like Call of the Conclave for example.

Anthony: Right, so I actually think Scavenging Ooze is the worst of the two drops. Mostly because you don’t have cards like Snapcaster or flashback cards anymore. It’s still a fine card against Aggro which is why you still want some number like it’s a fine five drop, six drop for example. Voice of Resurgence, another card that’s excellent against aggro and control for reasons that we’ve seen before and Fleecemane Lion is another card that’s also really good against aggro especially the Burning-Tree Emissary decks. They’re playing 2/2s, you’re playing a 3/3.

The monstrous ability is more of a catch-22 ability against the U/x control decks because most of the time you don’t even really monstrous it. You can use the threat of monstrous to inconvenience their plays so oftentimes I’ll just attack for three, go! Attach for three, go! Because if they do anything, we have a 4/4 indestructible, hexproof. So, I felt like four Voice of Resurgence, four Fleecemane Lion, and two Scavenging Ooze is sort of the right number.

Call of the Conclave is fine, I feel like if you’re going the Trostani route but I opted not to have that here because I wanted more like durability in my two drops.

Reuben: Sure. And there’s even – I’ve seen some lists running something like Daring Skyjek.

Anthony: Yes.

Reuben: There’s so many ways to go with Green/White, it’s one of the main reasons why the archetype is so powerful. Another big reason to play the deck is just the raw power you get right after turn two pretty much with Loxodon Smiter, Advent of the Wurm, two of the heaviest hitters in Standard and their new friend Boom Satyr.

Anthony: Boom Satyr, yes…

Reuben: It’s an M, not an N at the end. Boon Satyr, the new addition from Theros is able to team up either as bestowed or just as another attacker on either of them, really.

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Anthony: Right. It’s an excellent – it’s another flash card that like being able to turn four Advent of the Wurm into turn five attack before damage, bestow, is just incredible. Like, that ability is unreal and it’s one of the reasons to play Boom Satyr and it also actually makes your Fleecemane Lion better because it gives you another play to do while you’re inconveniencing them with the monstrous mana.

Reuben: Sure, you can leave up your five mana and your opponent just thinks you have Fleecemane Lion but you have the Boom Satyr.

Anthony: Right, exactly.

Reuben: It also gives you wrath protection which these decks can possibly have trouble with the Esper matchup.

Anthony: Right.

Reuben: Although things like Voice of Resurgence and the instant speed threats certainly help that. In order to bolster those threats we already have we have a couple other additions to the deck. Ajani, Caller of the Pride and Spear of Heliod.

Anthony: Right.

Reuben: So there’s a split between those two 1WW spells. Talk to me about those two cards and their strengths?

Anthony: So, I said before, the problem with this deck was reach. I couldn’t – I was having a lot of trouble beating Stormbreath Dragons and Blood Baron of Vizkopa so I was trying everything. I was trying Elspeth, my Elspeth wasn’t really working because it kills my Loxodon Smiter and Advent of the Wurm. I was playing Deadly Recluse at some point because I just couldn’t think of anything and a friend of mine just basically said, why don’t you just kill them like go over the top. I’m like, what do I go over the top with and I just saw Ajani, I was like, huh? Like there is no Silverblade Paladin in the format and this is the closest thing that you have to that so being able to play Ajani along with your hard-hitting creatures is just the reach that you need.

Reuben: Yeah, and also giving flying is a real good boon, no pun intended to your Boon Satyrs and your Advent of the Wurms to be able to jump over the top.

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Anthony: Right, exactly. In the Spear of Heliod I felt like was – it didn’t have diminishing returns that the third Ajani would have so… and it’s also, I think, a little bit better in the mirror match because it kills their guys like it keeps them from backswinging.

Reuben: Absolutely one of the most powerful cards in the mirror match. We’ve already seen many formats pass, the Glorious Anthems are a huge factor in mirror matches.

Anthony: Exactly!

Reuben: And this one being able to kill attackers like Advent of the Wurm, no matter how big their toughness is…

Anthony: Right, exactly. Yep.

Reuben: So I don’t want to go too deep into sideboards because it’s early in the format so we don’t know exactly what we’re playing against yet but one card that I do want to point out is Glare of Heresy for the mirror match among other things also takes Detention Sphere and Chained of the Rocks from the control decks.

Anthony: Yes.

Reuben: Glare of Heresy, not as good as Celestial Purge was back in the day being an instant as opposed to Glare of Heresy being a sorcery is a huge deal but this is able to take out big things like Hundred-Handed One which you might run into from Blue/White control decks, things like that.

Glare of Heresy, a real good addition to this deck.

Anthony: Yeah, the big thing about Glare of Heresy is that it changes – like the Green/White decks in the Standard that we’ve seen before.. like it changes how you sideboard against those decks now because you used to bring in Unflinching Courage but now that strategy doesn’t work too much anymore because your Unflinching Courage, you’re like, okay, I’ll take the damage and then I’ll Glare you next turn.

So I actually think the fact that Glare of Heresy is in this format completely changes the mirror as well as being good against the aforementioned Detention Sphere, Chained to the Rocks, and whatnot.

Reuben: Yeah, absolutely. The good thing about Glare of Heresy for this deck though is although Advent of the Wurm is a green/white card the wurm itself is just mono green so there you go.

Anthony: Very important.

Reuben: And there are so many builds to this deck. You can run Soldier of the Pantheon, you can run Daring Skyjek as I mentioned earlier. You can run a much more controlling version with Archangel of Thune, Trostani in the main deck. Green/White is going to be a huge player in this metagame and we’ve yet to see, obviously, which version it is.

Anthony’s hoping it’s his today here at the very first standard open with Theros legal. Anthony Lowry, thank you for joining me on the Sideboard.

Anthony: Thank you very much!

Reuben: And we’ll be right back from Starcitygames Worcester.