Magic The Gathering = Chess + Poker

October 1, 2008 | Posted by Dee

As an avid poker player and someone who played a lot of chess back in the day, I really enjoyed this article: Magic, Chess, and Poker.

The writer wrote, “Magic is Chess and Poker combined.”

He then gave these following points, which showed how chess and poker strategy can be applied to Magic The Gathering.

Poker Strategy = MTG Strategy

  • Be aggressive.
  • Bluff if you have the right odds.
  • Don’t give away tells.
  • Watch your opponent for tells. Then, use their tells to your advantage.
  • You can often figure out what your opponent is holding by analyzing their actions.
  • FPS, or fancy play syndrome, is usually a bad idea. Straightforward play is much more effective.

Chess Strategy = MTG Strategy

  • Sit on your hands before making a play. In other words, take your time to figure out the best move.
  • If you have the advantage in the late game, you should trade cards or pieces. However, if you don’t have a good late game, you should not trade.
  • Always know what the game state is. This helps you not to make dumb plays.
  • Understand how tempo and card/piece advantage works.

If you’ve played chess or poker, I’m sure you can relate to the writer’s points.

Check out the whole article.