Naya Aggro Deck with 4 Domri Rade

February 19, 2013 | Posted by Dee

Domri Rade proved himself to be a strong card in Standard with a top four finish this past weekend at Pro Tour Gatecrash. Eric Froehlich played four copies of the planeswalker in his fourth place Naya, or Red/White/Green, Aggro deck.

To make Domri Rade better, Eric played creatures that interact well with the planeswalker’s fight ability. The deck had 4 Gyre Sage, 4 Flinthoof Boar, 4 Loxodon Smiter, and 4 Boros Reckoner. These creatures are good at fighting because they are usually bigger than other creatures with the same mana cost.

Also, Eric played 28 creatures to have a decent chance of getting card advantage from Domri Rade’s first ability.

Check out his decklist below.

Domri Rade Naya Aggro
Creatures (28)
Spells (8)
Lands (24)
Sideboard (15)

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Deck Analysis

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This is an aggro deck that’s designed to beat up on other aggro decks. Gatecrash gave us powerful aggro cards like Experiment One and Boros Reckoner so aggro decks grew in popularity after the card set was released.

With his fight ability, Domri Rade is a big reason why this deck dominates other aggro decks. Loxodon Smiter is already a beefy blocker but when you fight with him, he gets even better against fast decks.

Boros Reckoner in particular is awesome with Domri Rade. When you fight with him, you can often kill two creatures. For example, let’s say you’re facing down a Rakdos Cackler and an Ash Zealot. If you fight one of them with Boros Reckoner, he will take damage which you can redirect to kill the other creature.

Flinthoof Boar is a solid fight creature. He’s often a 3/3 for two mana because of the 10 Mountain cards. When fighting, a 3/3 body is great at taking out creatures like Augur of Bolas and Silverblade Paladin. (Double strike only works in combat. It doesn’t work in fights.)

Gyre Sage starts out only as a 1/2 for two mana but all the other creatures evolve her to 2/3 and you have many creatures that can evolve her to 3/4. 2/3 and 3/4 are good bodies for fighting. You can even evolve Gyre Sage to 4/5 and 5/6 with Thragtusk and Thundermaw Hellkite so that she can take down bigger creatures.

You can take advantage of Gyre Sage’s mana ability by casting Thragtusk and Thundermaw Hellkite one turn early. Also, Gyre Sage is useful for casting an overload Mizzium Mortars.

Eric was asked why he chose the deck. He said he liked that it was aggressive like Mono Red Aggro but unlike that deck, it had more staying power. For example, you’ve got Domri Rade’s +1 ability to recover from a Supreme Verdict or Terminus. Also, Thundermaw Hellkite is a great card for beating Thragtusk.

In the sideboard, the most interesting card is probably Pacifism. The enchantment is great at dealing with other Boros Reckoners as long as your opponent is not playing Restoration Angel.

Deck Price Tag

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Total Deck Price: $717.54

QTYCard NameAvg. PriceTotal Price
Total Deck Price:$717.54
4Gyre Sage$4.80$19.20
4Flinthoof Boar$0.49$1.96
4Burning-Tree Emissary$1.00$4.00
4Loxodon Smiter$2.95$11.80
4Boros Reckoner$25.61$102.44
3Thundermaw Hellkite$33.30$99.90
4Mizzium Mortars$2.39$9.56
4Domri Rade$21.69$86.76
4Temple Garden$10.73$42.92
3Sunpetal Grove$5.71$17.13
4Stomping Ground$13.96$55.84
4Rootbound Crag$3.68$14.72
4Sacred Foundry$14.35$57.40
3Clifftop Retreat$15.45$46.35
3Boros Charm$3.07$9.21
2Triumph of Ferocity$0.21$0.42
2Garruk Relentless$11.62$23.24
1Aurelia, the Warleader$17.59$17.59
2Nearheath Pilgrim$0.24$0.48
2Rest in Peace$1.91$3.82

4 Responses to “Naya Aggro Deck with 4 Domri Rade”

  1. ReiNanto on February 20th, 2013 3:55 am

    2 Pacifism ???

    2 Oblivion Ring is better.

  2. Dee on February 20th, 2013 3:05 pm

    Not against Mono Red Aggro. That deck is really fast so you want something cheaper than O-Ring.

  3. magic player on June 7th, 2013 2:12 am

    can u reprice this deck alot of the card shave droped in value

  4. Dee on June 7th, 2013 9:12 am

    magic player,

    Go to to see the current deck price tag. You can mouseover a card to see its price.