This Naya Aggro Deck is Doing Well on Magic Online

December 7, 2013 | Posted by Dee

One of the cool benefits of joining Twitter and following other Magic players is that you occasionally get solid decklists not found anywhere else.

Recently, Michael Jacob tweeted out a Naya Aggro deck that performed well for him online. He’s a pretty good player with a Pro Tour top four finish under his belt.

Check out his decklist below.

Naya Aggro
Creatures (25)
Spells (11)
Lands (24)
Sideboard (15)
Deck Price Tag: $457.89

Deck Analysis

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I like the Naya color combination because you get access to eight scry lands. Those lands are better than Guildgates because they make your draws more consistent. Scry helps you avoid both mana screw and mana flood. If you need a land, send creatures or spells to the bottom. If you need a nonland card, then send lands to the bottom.

Scry is a simple mechanic but it can save your butt in many situations by giving you better topdecking opportunities.

This deck has a strong green/white core. Soldier of the Pantheon, Fleecemane Lion, Voice of Resurgence, and Advent of the Wurm are all-stars. By adding red, you’re able to cut Guildgates and play scry lands instead. Now you’ll have to take on the drawback lifeloss from from having to play 12 shocklands. However, that’s not too big of a deal these days because there are not a lot of hyper aggro decks in the metagame.

Red gives you the flexibility of playing some of the best removal spells in the format. You get access to Chained to the Rocks, Mizzium Mortars, and Lightning Strike. The white enchantment is a great answer to Desecration Demon, Nightveil Specter, Banisher Priest, Frontline Medic, Boros Reckoner, Arbor Colossus, and Polukranos, World Eater.

Also, Chained to the Rocks is great because it can deal with Gods even though they are indestructible. It’s nice to pay one mana and deal with a threat that costs three or more mana to get a tempo boost. For example, on turn three, exiling a Nightveil Specter and dropping a Voice of Resurgence is a great way to change the board state in your favor.

Two copies of Chained to the Rocks seems like a decent number. You don’t want too many cards that are dead against Esper Control since that deck is a major part of the metagame. Some decks can deal with cheap enchantments. For instance, green/black decks have Abrupt Decay and Mono Blue Devotion can wreck you by bouncing the enchantment with Cyclonic Rift.

It can be really bad if you have Master of Waves exiled with Chained to the Rocks and your opponent bounces it at the end of your turn. With this play, he could easily generate a bunch of 2/1 tokens and attack for a ton of damage on his turn.

I like the 3 Lightning Strike because it’s not dead against Esper Control. You can send it to the dome if your opponent is in lethal burn range. You can also use it to take out planeswalkers like Elspeth and Jace. Dealing three damage is crucial because it kills the three toughness Nightveil Specter. The blue/black flyer is one of the most popular creatures in Standard because blue and black devotion decks have done so well.

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Mizzium Mortars is an interesting call because this deck has zero mana ramp or card draw. There are only two copies because it is mediocre against Esper and U/W Control. Occasionally you can get some value by overloading it to kill multiple Elspeth tokens. However, I wouldn’t count on that. Without any mana ramp or card draw, it’s going to be hard to consistently hit six mana when you need it.

The red removal spell is a cheap answer to the pesky four toughness Frostburn Weird. This creature is a great blocker against Fleecemane Lion and Voice of Resurgence. It sees a lot of play because of the recent success of Mono Blue Devotion and R/w Devotion.

The single copies of Electrickery and Flames of the Firebrand are a hedge against fast W/r decks and Master of Waves. If you don’t have a lot of W/r Aggro or Mono Blue Devotion in your metagame, you should replace those cards with something better.

1 Scavenging Ooze is a solid number. It’s not as good against the other two-drops but its lifegain and graveyard munching ability gives you some value against fast aggro decks especially those with multiple burn spells and Whip of Erebos in Mono Black Devotion.

Polukranos gives you another card that can deal with Master of Waves. It’s also solid against the X/1 creatures in white weenie aggro decks. Stormbreath Dragon gives the deck another creature that’s good against Supreme Verdict. The others are Voice and Advent of the Wurm. Also, like Voice, the Dragon is excellent versus Azorius Charm. Plus, it can’t be targeted with Detention Sphere.

Two copies of the Dragon seems like a good number. You don’t want too many five drops because the deck only has 24 lands and nine of them enter the battlefield tapped. The deck doesn’t need more expensive cards to spend its mana. It already has mana sinks with Fleecemane Lion’s ability, Polukranos’s X-ability, and Mizzium Mortar’s overcost overload cost. Also, Scavenging Ooze’s ability can be activated multiple times in one turn.

In the sideboard, I like Last Breath against aggro and decks with Nightveil Specter. Sundering Growth is good against Detention Sphere. Mistcutter Hydra obviously comes in against Mono Blue Devotion. It also has utility versus UWx Control because it can’t be countered or targeted by Azorius Charm and Detention Sphere. Its haste ability is strong against Supreme Verdict.

Assemble the Legion is very good against Mono Black Devotion and solid against other control decks. I like the extra Selesnya Charm for exiling the big monsters of G/r Nykthos Ramp. Gruul Charm is a sneaky card against Mono Blue Devotion. At instant speed, it can kill multiple flyers and it neutralizes Domestication. Boros Charm is your go-to answer for stopping Supreme Verdict.

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Deck Price Tag ($457.89)

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QTYCard Name Avg PriceTotal Price
4Soldier of the Pantheon$2.49$9.96
4Fleecemane Lion$3.00$12.00
4Voice of Resurgence$32.16$128.64
1Scavenging Ooze$9.41$9.41
4Boros Reckoner$12.70$50.80
4Advent of the Wurm$3.12$12.48
2Polukranos, World Eater$8.00$16.00
2Stormbreath Dragon$17.99$35.98
2Chained to the Rocks$1.47$2.94
3Lightning Strike$0.40$1.20
2Mizzium Mortars$3.37$6.74
2Selesnya Charm$0.48$0.96
1Flames of the Firebrand$0.19$0.19
4Temple Garden$9.23$36.92
1Selesnya Guildgate$0.21$0.21
4Stomping Ground$8.48$33.92
4Temple of Abandon$3.12$12.48
4Sacred Foundry$10.99$43.96
4Temple of Triumph$3.96$15.84
3Last Breath$0.14$0.42
1Sundering Growth$0.15$0.15
1Scavenging Ooze$9.41$9.41
2Mistcutter Hydra$3.21$6.42
1Chained to the Rocks$1.47$1.47
2Assemble the Legion$1.99$3.98
1Selesnya Charm$0.48$0.48
1Gruul Charm$0.21$0.21
2Boros Charm$2.00$4.00
Total Deck Price:$457.89