UW Humans Deck (Haunted Humans)

November 15, 2011 | Posted by Dee

The 2011 Magic World Championships starts in two days and I bet many of the pros are scouring the internet looking for a good Standard deck. One of the decks they’re probably considering is Haunted Humans, or the UW Humans deck with Moorland Haunt.

This deck has posted decent results. Currently on TCGplayer’s Standard page, Haunted Humans is one of the top five decks based on the number of top finishes.

Here’s a decklist from this archetype that looks pretty good. Two days ago, it got 6th place in a seven round Standard tournament on Magic Online.

UW Haunted Humans
Creatures (25)
Spells (12)
Lands (23)
Sideboard (15)

One of the strengths of Haunted Humans is its mana base. With 19 white sources and 8 blue sources, you won’t get color screwed very often. You only need a few blue sources because the deck is basically mono white. There are only two cards that require blue mana (Geist of Saint Traft and Moorland Haunt).

Moorland Haunt allows you to gain value from the lands apart from just producing mana. This Innistrad land is especially powerful with one or more Honor of the Pure. The mana base is also great because most of the lands enter the battlefield untapped.

Going to the creatures, we start off with Champion of the Parish. This Innistrad creature is one of the best one-drops in Standard. It gets big quickly with all the Humans in the deck.

The other one-drop is Doomed Traveler. This creature may not look very powerful, but it has an important role in the deck. It’s cheap so it’s great at making Champion of the Parish bigger quickly. Also, it gives you more aggressive starts where you go turn one creature and then turn two Honor of the Pure.

It’s a great chump blocker against other aggressive decks. It provides multiple creatures from one card including a flyer so it’s excellent with Angelic Destiny, Honor of the Pure, and Sword of War and Peace.

Fiend Hunter is good these days because a lot of decks have few removal spells. I like using this card to exile a flipped Delver of Secrets. If they kill it, Delver enters the battlefield as a 1/1. They have to reveal another sorcery or instant again to transform it.

Geist of Saint Traft is the only non-Human creature in the deck, but it’s so powerful that it deserves a spot. It is one of the best cards to go with Angelic Destiny.

Also, it’s great with Sword of War and Peace and Honor of the Pure. Sword gives it protection and better stats so it’s much less likely to die during combat. With Honor of the Pure, it deals eight damage whenever it attacks. Geist of Saint Traft is legendary and the deck only has eight blue sources, so three copies seems like a good number.

Grand Abolisher is great at fighting counterspells and instant speed removal. Once it’s on the battlefield, you are safe to cast Angelic Destiny and equip Sword of War and Peace. You don’t have to worry about cards like Mana Leak, Dissipate, Doom Blade, and Incinerate.

Hero of Bladehold is a huge threat by itself. It deals seven damage when it attacks and it gives you two more creatures so you won’t run out of Sword and Angelic Destiny targets. With Honor of the Pure, Hero attacks for a whopping 10 damage.

Mirran Crusader is another huge threat because many players are relying on black removal like Doom Blade and green creatures like Dungrove Elder and Primeval Titan.

When it’s equipped with Sword of War and Peace, it has protection from every color except blue and it deals a ton of damage (eight combat damage and the Sword ability triggers twice because of double strike). If your opponent has four cards when Mirran Crusader hits him with the Sword, he will take 18 total damage.

Angelic Destiny on Mirran Crusader is also awesome because it deals 12 damage in the air.

Oblivion Ring is a solid catch-all. It stops just about everything except hexproof creatures and lands.

Honor of the Pure is great in this deck because it has many white creatures. Three of the cards give you more than one creature (Geist, Hero, and Doomed Traveler), which makes the white enchantment even better. Also, Honor of the Pure is excellent with Moorland Haunt. With Honor of the Pure on the battlefield, the Innistrad land turns all your dead creatures into 2/2 flyers.

Sword of War and Peace gets the nod over Sword of Feast and Famine. As an aggro deck, Haunted Humans is more concerned about dealing damage quickly than getting card and mana advantage. You already have protection from green and black with Mirran Crusader so protection from white and red is a welcome addition. Also, black decks have gone down in popularity. There are less Doom Blades flying around so Sword of Feast and Famine is not as good.

Angelic Destiny is the knockout punch at four mana. It turns any creature into a big threat and combos very well with Geist of Saint Traft, Grand Abolisher, and Mirran Crusader. If your opponent kills the enchanted creature, Angelic Destiny goes back to your hand and you can recast it on another creature.

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