Why Orzhov Charm Had a Strong Showing at Grand Prix DFW

December 10, 2013 | Posted by Dee

It was pretty cool to see Orzhov Charm do well at Grand Prix Dallas-Fort Worth. Last week, I advised someone on reddit to play the black/white spell in White Weenie Aggro because it’s good against devotion.

Five players showed up at the Grand Prix with Orzhov Charm and white aggro creatures. They had an outstanding showing. Pat Cox, one of the players, tweeted the top finishes of the group: a top four, two top 16s, and a top 64.

The top four finisher was Hall of Famer Ben Stark. In his top eight profile, he was asked why he played the deck. He answered, “It’s favored against Mono Blue and Mono Black Devotion.” So, definitely keep this deck in mind if either of those decks is popular in your metagame.

Black and blue devotion happen to be two of the major decks in competitive Standard so it wasn’t too surprising to see W/b Aggro do well at the Grand Prix. Check out Ben’s decklist below.

W/b Aggro
Creatures (29)
Spells (9)
Lands (22)
Sideboard (15)
Deck Price Tag: $252.14

Quick Deck Analysis

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Orzhov Charm is great because it gives you a versatile spell that can kill just about anything while not being dead against UWx Control.

The removal mode destroys everything from Master of Waves and Nightveil Specter to Boros Reckoner and Desecration Demon. You will lose some life but the deck is very aggressive so you can often kill them before they can take advantage of your life loss.

Having a lot of removal spells is one of the best strategies for beating devotion decks because they keep those decks from having a lot of devotion. Along with 3 Orzhov Charm, you’ve got 4 Banisher Priest to disrupt the devotion strategy.

The other two modes of Orzhov Charm give the card some value against creature light control decks. At instant speed, you can bring back one of your one-drops as a surprise attacker. Also, you can bounce a creature to save it from removal.

Black also gives you Xathrid Necromancer to fight Supreme Verdict and Devour Flesh and a whole slew of strong sideboard options. Dark Betrayal is excellent against Mono Black Devotion. Doom Blade is powerful cheap removal against nonblack creature decks. It’s especially useful at killing Polukranos, World Eater.

Profit // Loss is great in the White Weenie mirror match. Sin Collector and Thoughtseize give you a solid discard strategy against decks with a lot of removal.

Deck Price Tag ($252.14)

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QTYCard Name Avg PriceTotal Price
4Soldier of the Pantheon$2.49$9.96
4Dryad Militant$0.27$1.08
4Boros Elite$0.39$1.56
4Precinct Captain$1.79$7.16
4Daring Skyjek$0.14$0.56
3Imposing Sovereign$1.43$4.29
4Banisher Priest$0.39$1.56
2Xathrid Necromancer$2.99$5.98
4Brave the Elements$0.35$1.40
3Orzhov Charm$0.44$1.32
2Spear of Heliod$1.52$3.04
4Godless Shrine$9.21$36.84
4Temple of Silence$4.99$19.96
1Orzhov Guildgate$0.20$0.20
2Xathrid Necromancer$2.99$5.98
2Sin Collector$0.42$0.84
3Doom Blade$0.34$1.02
1Orzhov Charm$0.44$0.44
3Dark Betrayal$0.25$0.75
2Profit // Loss$0.20$0.40
Total Deck Price:$252.14