Why I Passed a Thoughtseize in Theros Draft

October 9, 2013 | Posted by Will

Dusty, the guy to my left, being a true gentleman, asked me politely if I knew what the $#@& I was doing. He offered me an opportunity to make a different first pick in our ‘casual’ Theros draft.

Alex had a birthday this week. Happy birthday, Alex! He wanted to draft, I always want to draft, and so cards night was drafting Theros night. We all care about playing, we’re playing to win, we care about the rules, and we want to be better players. In fact, this article is my commitment to playing better Magic, but that doesn’t always mean the same thing to all players.

So back to money cards in Magic. Everyone needs to be trading for optimal value if you want to build your collection, or your Standard deck, or just turn things in for credit at a store. But I know myself well and I would just end up trading my Thoughtseize to somebody at this table, at best. At worst it would sit in my binder that I would lose or get damaged. I’m TERRIBLE with magic cards. Since I’m not planning on playing paper Magic too much right now, I’d rather take the card that plays the way I want to play.

I didn’t value a Thoughtseize for its place in Standard. I didn’t value it for its place in my deck, though eventually my deck did turn in that direction.

I have read a lot of Theros. I’ve talked at length with Dee about the format from a Standard point of view. We even talked a lot about Thoughtseize. I know what the card does and I know what it does not do. I had a lot of fun and many of us pushed the format in weird corner cases.

I played black/red. I ended up getting a crazy number of Gray Merchant of Asphodels and the higher mana removal spells. I was hoping so badly for a Nykthos. I had early aggressive creatures and the Returned Phalanx. Near the end of the draft, black suddenly dried up and I had to go red. I had a Lightning Strike and all the Ill-Tempered Cyclops I could ever want. Too big of a gap in the mana curve and no real ramp.

When my deck hit a good mixture of land and spells, it was pretty crazy. Magma Jet would have helped a LOT. More auras vs combat tricks would have helped as well.

Theros rewards really different things than we’re used to and as such everyone is trying all of their different ideas and trying to find the cracks in the seams. Or they’re playing the most straight forward archetype in the nut deck or seeing how good X card as a splash.

This is set rotation time and it’s a time to play Magic. I’m here to play, I do want to get better, and I will… but sometimes these little cardboard cards mean more to others than they do me and I see that as a good thing. Yes, I lost cash value in the draft, but I didn’t show up to win prizes. I showed up to play magic, celebrate with a friend, and get my hands on some real Theros cards.

More next time with color pairs in Theros.

One Response to “Why I Passed a Thoughtseize in Theros Draft”

  1. Dave on October 10th, 2013 11:28 pm

    Thoughtseize and distress were played to some success with hand destruction against me at FNM and has more value now that the graveyard isn’t just a staging area anymore. I still won after getting thumpers on the field, but just barely.